We have a selection of forms you can download here to progress with the checks and an explanation of where and why they will be needed, the amount of checks can be varied with each client.
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Screening Benefits

Top Reasons for performing Pre-Employment Screening

All organisations and employers from corporate giants to small businesses know the benefits of safely hiring the right people. That is why companies choose for help with pre-employment background checks.

It is very important to know about people if you are going to hire them. A new prospective employee is always considered to be the big responsibility of an organisation. If an employer has performed comprehensively well through the pre-employment screening process then it is expected that the candidate will bring the organisation to bigger and better heights. Hence such people can be real assets of the future to the company.

Occasionally we have found some UK firms and organisations not following the process of employee screening during the hiring process. As a result they are undertaking the risk of exposing their organisation to someone who can become a problem, or in the extreme, a danger to the firm.

There are 5 main reasons which clearly state why organisations must conduct background screening:
  1. It will help in making the best hiring decision.
  2. Such processes will also help the existing employees in having a safe and secure working environment.
  3. Effective screening will help in the processes of eliminating the legal liabilities and risks with responsibilities such as negligent hiring and the new UK bribery act.
  4. Advanced screening will suggest to certain undesirables that an effective vetting process is undertaken and that any discrepancies will be noted.
  5. The cost of hiring, advertising and interviewing will be saved if you are choosing to make a more qualified decision earlier.

There is always a statement that has to be kept in mind while conducting the hiring process. Some applicants will only tell you what they think you want to hear from them. It has been noticed that most of the discrepancies are being found in education qualifications, job experience and titles and also the dates of employment provided. This can lead us to other areas of the applicants past which can be further looked at.

Our meticulous vetting of applicants can also produce a substantial cost saving. If the right person can be chosen first time round, advertising, interviewing and training costs can all be reduced

We recommend checking the information given by the applicant in a full and thorough manner. It will always be preferable if the company is hiring the candidates who have mentioned their experience, background and the skills in an honest and accurate manner. Hence pre-employment screening will help in knowing the complete history and the genuine details about the candidates.