We have a selection of forms you can download here to progress with the checks and an explanation of where and why they will be needed, the amount of checks can be varied with each client.
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Can you offer different levels for the screening?

Yes we currently have 5 different levels. To view these levels please refer to our Instruct Us page under the header Service sheet.Please be advised we are also willing to compile a bespoke package specifically for your company.

Why choose Advanced?

We like to think that Advanced are the country leading investigator based screening company and are quick to Read between the Lines and provide fast turnaround completed cases at a fixed cost highlighting and summarizing the information and explaining our findings in easy approach. We are fully versed with all the relevant laws and utilise our criminal research staff in our expertise.

Is it necessary to have the employee's permission to conduct the checks?

Yes, we operate with your candidate's full knowledge and will only accept these checks with the full knowledge and consent of all parties. For a Subject Permission Form please refer to our download forms found in the Instruct Us page.

How does the process work?

Your candidates will be asked to fill out all necessary forms that will be sent to us to complete the relevant requests. Once our Research staff have completed the vetting process, a report is checked and sent to the client for their attention and records.

How do we get started?

Please use our Contact Us page where you will find our telephone number. Feel free to call one of our vetting specialists who will be happy to talk you through the steps of getting started. You can also fill out the Contact Us form and we will make contact with you.

Can you undertake checks outside the UK?

Yes very much so, we have global research capabilities. Our Worldwide screening services prove hugely beneficial to our current clients as our researchers examine thoroughly to ensure accuracy. We are also pleased to advise that we have staff that are multi lingual.

Will our candidates object or disapprove of having these background checks made on them?

Candidates should be aware of the screening procedures from the earliest stage. It is our experience that candidates are pleased that their new possible working environment is one where diligent checks are made and unscrupulous characters are found before employment is offered.

Does screening our employees break the data protection act?

No, we will only screen employees who consent to the process and we will only attempt the checks once we have received their authorisation. Screening is perfectly legal and without a doubt very effective. We are fully compliant with this new regulation.

Can I screen applicants prior to an employment offer?

Yes, screening employees prior to the offer can help with your decisions and can promote a safe environment at the workplace.

Why should I be screening?

To allow you to focus on your core business, responsibilities and strategic developments. Also to help demonstrate that thorough checks and due diligence are completed prior to any employment which in turn will assist in hiring the most suitable candidate.

How long can the process take?

This can depend on the level of checks required, but normally we would like to report back to you in 5 working days. It should be noted that delays can occur with certain criminality checks, waiting for referees to make contact or educational institutions to re-open after a holiday period. However rest assured we will flag up any discrepancies and notify you of any problematic finds.

How will the information be presented?

You will be sent a clear and concise report. If you do require a sample, please contact our team who will happily provide you with an example. Please refer to our Contact Us page to get in contact.

What happens if your report contains problem finds? How should we approach the candidate?

In order to not discriminate against the potential employee we recommend you give the candidate the opportunity to discuss the findings and explain the area of concern. We always advise clients that it is beneficial to advise the candidates that the position is subject to the vetting process. This allows both parties transparency.