We have a selection of forms you can download here to progress with the checks and an explanation of where and why they will be needed, the amount of checks can be varied with each client.
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We normally issue our forms direct to your applicant and ask them to provide us with their authorisation by signing a Permission Form. Once returned to us we can begin the screening process. Depending on the requirements we would normally have your candidates screened within 5-10 days (the exception being criminal record checks).

Upon receipt of your instructions we will assign one of our handpicked Expert Criminal Research Staff to complete your enquiry to its conclusion. They will also be supported and assisted by our experienced, friendly and fully staffed customer service team whom we guarantee will reply to all your queries efficiently, swiftly and with utmost professionalism.

A more scientific approach can also be followed in order to remove the undesirable candidates. In this way you reduce the cost of security and training and moreover you can also reduce the chances of any grievances. During the pre-employment screening we can include criteria such as past work experience, criminal history and we even highlight false information written in CVs if we find it.

The concept and the process of employee screening might seem to be excessive but in reality this is considered to be a prudent idea because one has to select the professional and quality personnel instead of anyone showing incorrect background information. Also, the better practices such as pre-employment background checks help in reducing the overall cost of the company in many areas including employment loyalty and retention to the organisation.

Download forms

Service sheet: Explaining the majority of the checks we do and showing you some levels we use although you do not need to select an entire level and can pick and choose items singly.

Company registration form: To enable us to set up an account for you for invoicing purposes.

Subject's permission form: For the applicant to sign to enable us to have disclosure to undertake the checks.

Employee Background Form: So we have all the necessary information to begin the screening process.

You are welcome to call our office if you have any queries on telephone number: 0870 034 1200 or you can contact us by email: