We have a selection of forms you can download here to progress with the checks and an explanation of where and why they will be needed, the amount of checks can be varied with each client.
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Our International Expertise

As the UK's most advanced Screening Agency dealing with many different nationalities we are increasingly asked to conduct background screening on individuals who have spent time in other countries. The UK government statistics show us that over 10% of the population here consists of immigrants and the rate is rising fast. Currently we have been very active with the East European nationals and are running hundreds of credit and criminal checks per year.

We are working with many preferred agencies in and around Europe as well as in Asia and the United States and to date we have carried out pre screening in over 60 different countries all around the world.

We are also regularly completing assessments in China and have preferred status in India, Pakistan and the Middle East. We have faced many challenges in all of these countries and have expert advice on changes of legislations as well as the changes in the allowances the governments in these countries require us to adhere to. We will normally act as the pivotal point for the collection and distribution of the reports to our clients who may well act outside of the UK.

Different reasons for international screening

If an applicant was born abroad and is either coming directly to the UK from another country or has not been in the UK long enough for us to rely on the information known to us here, or if an applicant has spent a short time in another country and this time needs to be verified we can investigate this.

We also deal with UK companies who are hiring employees in another country for their overseas operations as well as overseas companies recruiting different European individuals who need one office to liaise with and understand the language and translation barriers for them.

We face many different special international challenges and circumstances, some are listed below. They do challenge us and we are constantly being updated on changes and system reviews in all the countries we deal in. The biggest help to us is having our intelligence and investigations background and using our investigations arm in countries where screening does not really exist.

  • Unique differences in local and national courts in their legal systems
  • Obvious language barriers
  • Name variations, especially when expressing foreign names and their English translations
  • Translation issues for the paperwork being returned to the host country.
  • Time differences in dealing with fellow agents (we have late shifts built into our programmes)
  • Reliable communications in the corresponding countries
  • Legal implications in each country, applying them and keeping up to date with them
  • Payments and the currency rates fluctuating
  • Inflated costs that come with currency and recession rates
  • Fraudulent companies or fake universities or schools operating as genuine ones
  • Calendars and national holidays observed and restrictions known to us because of them.

Whatever your reason you can rely on us to deliver and respond to your requests and provide you with an international service to be proud of.