We have a selection of forms you can download here to progress with the checks and an explanation of where and why they will be needed, the amount of checks can be varied with each client.
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As we work at the most in-depth end of the market we are not known as an economical cut price agency giving you basic and limited information. Some companies rely on database checks and assume in the honesty of your candidates. We are an investigatory professional screening agency with expert research staff.

You may decide that your high level staff or the positions of trust they hold must be scrutinized too. We can advise we have a package for everyone and although the wrong placements for the high level positions can be very damaging we would argue that every wrong decision at whatever level can have dramatic consequences. Also, the cost of advertising the same placement as well as the training, the time and the unrest it can cause is immense.

Our basic checks start at £150 + VAT and rise accordingly to higher end Directors and overseas checks. The more checks we do obviously the more costs are associated with them. We take into account how many assessments we will be required to undertake and we also have to look at the areas and countries that we are asked to do them in.

We would recommend that no less than one week's salary should be spent on background checking. However, even with that diagnosis we still do various checks for various companies for less and their average spend is approximately £150 - £400 per person.

A basic criminal record check with us is £95.00 + VAT in the UK but the prices of these obviously differ depending on the country. Rest assured we have completed successful checks all around the four corners of the globe and although some areas are more difficult and time consuming we will always deliver quality.

Feel free to peruse our website which will give you a better understanding of our approach and why we are taking the lead in the UK in Advanced Vetting.