We have a selection of forms you can download here to progress with the checks and an explanation of where and why they will be needed, the amount of checks can be varied with each client.
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Six More Reasons To Join Us

As well as offering an advanced scrutiny through qualified screening, we like to think we are different from our competitors and we believe the reasons why are below.

All references and contacts independently checked and sourced:
For instance, the name listed as the HR Manager can and will be checked to see if in fact that is their job title and not the applicants’ last friend at the company.

We use an inside scoring system highlighting and suggesting further scrutiny if needed:
This means you can rely on us to spot the discrepancies and job fraud quickly. We use a scoring system adapted around such things as the electoral roll, official copy documents, mortality and birth documents, dates of birth and utility accounts to name but a few.

All criminal record checks include the benefits of searches under known names such as Wanted Files, The Met Police, FBI and Interpol.
We at Advanced realise that just because you don't have a criminal record, your record may still be known. You can be known to the public as an activist, as a wanted criminal and as a known terrorist. This does not denote that you will have a criminal record though, so that is why here at Advanced we insist on undertaking a press and media search and further known searches for the applicants under their given identities.

Advanced confirmation and clarification possible with extras offered to the screening programme such as Visit & Verify:
Visit & Verify is where we are able to send a representative agent of the company to any given UK address within 72 hours to confirm the address and start the process of identity and address clarification. International clarification can also be arranged at short notice.

Our international experience is second to none and our investigatory background often makes us very useful in countries where host screening agencies do not exist:
We often use our umbrella status under our parent group (of Global Investigations) to have intelligence gleaned in countries that have little or no screening solution, countries such as Madagascar, Romania, Lithuania and so on. We are able to use our contacts in these countries to understand the law and requirements.

Red flagged reports- easy to read reports with a structured approach to highlight any discrepancies the applicant may have provided:
We like to structure our report so our clients can see instantly if the situation needs a further conversation and our clients, who make all the decisions on hiring, are fully informed of red flag issues to enable them to interview applicants further.

We are a professional screening agency and we use an investigations based background to totally analyse and scrutinise for discrepancies in all applicants information. We endeavour to seek the right answers the first time and provide our clients not with a paper sending service but with a security based approach to never taking anything at face value.

We hope this will help to make your working environment far more socially comfortable and we are acutely aware that we are representing ourselves for our clients and providing a professional investigatory role both here in the UK and overseas.

We are proud to work very differently to our database led rivals who will do an adequate job but are not there to fully explore or question the validity of the applicants.

More and more employers are using our checks to screen applicants in order to minimise potential legal and financial exposures.

Rising concerns of workplace violence, negligent hiring, wrongful terminations and possible Court cases are part of the problems forcing many employers to make well informed hiring decisions.

The advantages for the employer include saving them time and money that they would have spent in recruiting, hiring and training the wrong candidates.

Running the right checks can also eliminate potential difficulties and conflicts in the workplace. The advantages for employees who work for a company that requires employment backgrounds include the fact that employers typically screen for criminal records, including those related to violent crimes and dishonesty. Also, in knowing that an effort has been made to verify that co-workers have the qualifications and credentials they say they do. This is vital in recognising that the employer is taking steps to minimise risk and in turn evolving a better workplace and better returns.

Our standard employment backgrounds are not typically UK enforcement or government type investigations. In general, our background screening will look for any red flags indicating potential problems on resumes and applications such as false or omitted information. It is not our requirement to suggest that an applicant is unsuitable for the post, but it is our requirement to advise our client of a situation found and make them aware of the red flag warning so they can make informed decisions.

Although the checks may occasionally cause an uneasy feeling for applicants and make them feel like they are being put under a microscope, the truth is that employment backgrounds on applicants that have nothing to hide can benefit both employers and employees. Nowadays applicants will sometimes withdraw a CV if they know that their post will be open to such scrutiny. Unfortunately, approximately 44% of all applicants falsify a little on their applications. The best opportunity you have to protect your company and workforce from an unsavoury working environment may be choosing the right Vetting Agency and be empowered to all the information you need prior to hiring an employee.